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Tool to become a psychic - MEDITATION

White Cloud's Spiritual Development book - FIRST CHAPTER


Meditation is the key to bringing your body into

harmony with your Soul.

          Meditate every day for the best results.

Meditation helps you relax so you can open up to your gifts and creativity that lies latent inside of your mind.

It opens your acute awareness of listening to your inner voice and later, to your Clairaudience. (Hearing) and Clairvoyance (seeing).

When we communicate with the "Soul", a part of ourselves, we are speaking to the 'GOD" part that is connected to the Oneness.

When we receive the knowledge or guidance from within, we integrate that into our brain (Mental) and we discern what is appropriate for putting into action.

Unfortunately, we have many fears based on conditioning or experiences from the past and the many guiding forces in our life.

This is where we bring in the Emotional side; this is where we bring in the Emotional side; this is where we feel the love or fear.

Always remember FEAR is opposite of LOVE and in this state you are separated from the Oneness.

Meditation is vital for it balances the four Bodies, Physical, Mental, Emotional & Spiritual.

The Emotions can control us and prevent us from connections with the Oneness, by having us 'Ride the Roller coaster" of emotions and then we are not able to calm ourselves and listen to advice from within, let alone be rational.

The rational that is gathered from "taught" conditioning from parents etc. This is the Mental, brain-stored material.

What meditation does is bring stillness to your mind so that the body can be in balance with all the senses. As you shut your eyes, you shut the outside world out.

The process I advise, is for you to start with a guided mediation which includes a relaxing sequence for the body. This guides you into a state of consciousness that calms the mind. Giving the mind a break.

This is also excellent for giving the physical body a break and allows inner healing to take place.

You will find when you first meditate, the second voice, will say all sorts of things, e.g. am I really getting into this, I wonder if I fed the fish, I did not like the way this person spoke to me", etc, etc.

As you listen to the guided meditation, is important to focus on the voice and listen to the guidance. This discipline will help you focus and open up your creative side, your spiritual voice - Clairvoyance and Clairaudience.

Allow your mind to be still from the negative "chatter" that is constantly in our heads. This is called the 'Second Voice", this is the voice that questions, this is the voice that can create our fears and stop us from 'GOING WITH THE FLOW"

Now, I am not saying to completely ignore this voice, questioning is good, but constructive questioning is a positive way of looking at things.

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