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Updated: Aug 12, 2021

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Ingrid taught meditation, self empowerment classes, gives spiritual readings, channels for groups of people and in her spare time writes books.

Produced two Guided Meditation C.d.'s; Guided Meditations from Beginners to Advanced and Journey Meditations.

She had her own selection of Spirit Totem cards, Inspirational cards which are based on the power animal that is given at birth which is also on her website.

She has written articles for Sedona, Rainbow News, In Touch, Input, Expressions and local Newspapers, and on the World-wide Web.

She has received an award for her White Cloud Gatherings which have seen many prominent people advance spiritual who are actively working on their spiritual path, She has a vast knowledge of Spiritual Techniques including Crystals, Numerology, Psychometric, Palmistry, Tarot , Healing, Chakra & Aura cleansing , dowsing & House and office cleansing.

She has written 4 books and is continuously gathering more information for future books.

Her Atlantis book describes life as it was in those days, prophecies of the times to come, and how they relate to the times of


Many people have written on Atlantis but have not dared to speak of the times in such detail.

Ingrid fill in the blanks for many people and their recollection of those times.

Her Atlantis book describes life as it was in those days and prophecies of the times to come and how it relates to those times.

She has much confirmation from people all over the world who have written to her stating that they too have seen the same vision.

Many people have written on Atlantis but have to dared to speak of the times in such detail.

She states that some people have blocked out their life in that times as it relates to times that they were not standing in their own truth and maybe brings up some issues that need addressing and clearing.

For it is in this time now that we can clear the past and come into the true Light Being that we are; to integrate our Emotional, Physical, Mental and Spiritual bodies and melding with the Higher Self.

Therefore bringing total balance into our being and creating a world of beauty and harmony once more.

Ingrid brings through the energy from the great Atlantean- Civilization to teach the body to heal itself.

The healing takes place moving through the ethric bodies which balance the outer auras and promote the healing of the physical body based on the principle that we are spiritual beings housed in the physical body. The body being the Temple of the Soul.

Any disease brought into the physical body are caused by the emotional and mental thoughts and words spoken which upset the balance of the Four Bodies.

Meditation is the pre-requisite for maintaining a healthy balance.

It is vital for the lifting of vibrations to embrace the Higher Self and meld that into the physical body.

Once the ethric bodies have been balanced, the healing of the physical will be ignited by the crystal held in the hands of the therapist. The crystal is used as a generator of the energies from the Oneness of Absolute Love. This process reaches all the cells in the body that need to be regenerated in order to heal itself.

The patient is left feeling relaxed and light in energy.

It is necessary to drink water following this treatment.

She uses her Higher Self to channel the knowledge from the Akashic records, using the many Spirit Forms, including Angels, from the Light and enlightened beings. From Christed forms, enlightened souls such as Plato to Arcturian, Plieadian & Andromeda.

Her Native American Indian Guide White Cloud has been with her since she was born.

Ingrid stands in her own power as White Cloud and supports all those that wish to follow their spiritual path, encouraging and promoting them to stand in their own power.

Thus brightening the Light of the Light Beings that lay in the heart of every one of us.

She gives of her knowledge, guidance and wisdom which is given to her through spirit.

The counsel provides the means for the people to stand in their own power and become their own counsel. Finding their soul purpose by encouraging them to follow their heart to find their true selves by opening them up to their creative part of their being so that they truly understand their own worth as Light Beings in the world.

She channels spirit from the many realms, from the past civilizations, the ancient knowledge, to help to lift the vibrations of souls who live on this planet.

Has her own large website:

Ingrid speaks to us: ”My spiritual path has opened up wonderful experiences and many friends, I treasure every moment of my life with the concept of re discovering who I truly am.

For each experience is there to awaken me to my reality and bring me closer to the Oneness of All things.

I am human, none the less, and am still looking for the confirmation of what spirit tells me, and that means that I have not fully integrated my Higher Self.

Which is why, I believe, I am teaching the ‘Melding with Your Higher Self” from the Temples of Alorah, so that I remember what my soul knows.

It was through the melding with the Higher Self that I realized that this was so familiar to me. I was part of this temple and it’s knowledge.

It was a priestess of the Temples of Alorah, and when the energies changed to that of power and greed, it caused the end of the great ‘Atlantean civilization as it was then.

I helped to instigate the moving of ‘Crystal Skull of Thoth” to a safe place, it was taken to a place of safety.

The Skull of Thoth is one of the Crystal skulls that are to be placed on the new ‘Grid - Lay lines” to re-align this planet with it’s new vibration

These crystal skulls hold the information of the civilizations and the knowledge of our planet and how we can balance this planet again.

I am gathering information everyday from ‘Spirit” and with that knowledge try to apply it to helping our planet.

I am open to “going with the flow” and allow each experience to ‘Open the Door” to what I am guided to do next.”

It was during this time of propelling into the spiritual world as a profession that she met Red Cloud in the middle of the night, standing in the corner of her room. He told her to read about Little Big Horn.

Ingrid says: I woke to find an Indian in full head dress standing in my room. He smiled. I thought I was dreaming and went back to sleep.

He awoke me again with a loud voice,' Little Big Horn".

I then realized that I was seeing this man. I got out of bed and went over to him. He still stood there, but when I reached out, my hand went through him.

I read Bury my Heart at Wounded Knee. It explained everything about Red Cloud.

A week later he returned to my room with White Cloud. He introduced him as my guide and my husband in past life. He told me I was his daughter in past life. That he united us again. For White Cloud was to be by my side again. This time teaching me about the earth and to help me remember who I truly was.

He awakened my knowledge of past lives, my Atlantean Connection. He spoke of the past life with him in Atlantis ands showed me visions of the times there. He walked me through time, back and forth , to show me who I was, to remember the knowledge and to awaken the soul in myself, so it turn I could awaken the souls.

He spoke of the earth, that it was dying and that he needed us awake to help save this precious earth.

He showed me the timeline of this earth. The struggles and the courage of mankind.

He showed me the Universe and beyond. Gave me an understanding of the vastness of this Galaxy and the many galaxies that are there. Humans limit themselves. We have the capacity of creation beyond our imaginations.

Today Ingrid is known as an accurate Clairvoyant, Clairsentient, Clairaudient and Channeller who is in the public arena in New Zealand. She has been conducting workshops, seminars, and classes since the 70's. Her spiritual development Course called the Bridge Walker Series is available on book form.

She is also in the process of writing another book called : Other Civilizations, which is based on channeling from the Ascended Masters, Nostradamus, Archangels and Light Beings from other planets. Descriptions of other planets through visions which include Sirius, Pleiades', & Saturn.

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