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Atlantis and Beyond

Life in Atlantis

Message for today

 It is now time for us to understand and learn from this great

Atlantean civilization, to take the knowledge we have learnt and apply it to the future.

We are heading for the end of these days again.

   Have we learnt from the past?

   Have we gone too far?

   What must we do to put this world into balance?

   We must find our true selves, and balance our inner and outer being.

   To become more spiritual, we need to raise the vibration of our soul. This must be learned if we are to communicate with other civilizations in our Universe and beyond. The need to control and judge others will no longer be important, and we become truly equal with all other beings.

When we come to this understanding, we will live in LOVE and in PEACE.

When we have harmony within ourselves, we live in harmony with all others.

May the light of the Great Spirit shine within you, and this eternal love be your life force.

 In reading this book I hope it awakens a new fire within you to understand who we truly are and what we are here to do.

Introduction to Atlantis

When this planet was first given to the Ancients to create and colonize. It was Thoth, the Ancient One, who bought the

knowledge of the Universe to this planet and invoked the laws of the Universe to fit in with the criteria of this planets journey.

Earth was to be 3rd Dimensional.


A planet of choice.

No longer androgynous but Male and Female who would create life from them. They were open to positive and negative meaning they could create through their minds a world beyond the limits of the Oneness.

This is evolution governed by the Spirit of the Oneness of the Universe. Kindly guided by the love and image of the Creator. Not left alone to flounder but gently guided through love and the Collective Spirit.

A group of Ascended Beings came to this planet and bought the knowledge and placed it into crystal skulls so that the knowledge would be kept for all time.

It is from these crystals that they formed the laws that governed this earth.

The Guardian of the skulls was gifted to Thoth, an androgynous Being who dispersed the knowledge to the 12 skulls from the Main skull.  These skulls would record and disperse knowledge as directed.

The Temple

I have recorded some of the memories and events of my past life in Atlantis with the special help of my guides: White Cloud and White Eagle.

I see a spacious room in a domed building. The floor is tiled sandstone. A large crystal is inside a domed case on a black pedestal that dominates the room.

It is used to energize the city. In my Altantean life,

I had much knowledge and was raised to be a 'Keeper of the

Crystal', a priestess if you like (it is the closest explanation which sums up my position).

I work in this dome protecting and working with the crystal. I am strong in myself - I know myself and this is an important part of the work I do.

The other 'Keepers' are also women, except one man, who is very spiritual and wise. He is also our protector.

My hair is long and blonde. It is interwoven with gold braiding, much like in Greek times.

It is piled high and flowing down my back in curls.

I have my hair done by Hair Artists who are called on. It is part of our daily routine to have our hair done.

Part of our philosophy is 'The body is a Temple for the Soul' we must respect it.

This means hygiene and dressing is of the highest priority.

I wear a white, see-through long dress, crossed over in the front, and tied at the waist with a gold leaf belt.

Men wear both long and short skirts, some have tops and some don't - it is all of the same white see-through material.

The clothes we wear signify our state of achievement rather than the fashion.

It is the level of our maturity and spirituality.

There are other colors worn of the same see-through material, but they are the colors worn by people in need of healing. This largely related to the particular chakra that was out of balance, and the required colour needed to effect this healing.

I have no husband. In general, they did not have marriages in this time.

If you wanted to commit yourself to a certain person, two people undertake a Ceremony of Unity.   There was no legal binding or enforcement on this arrangement. The union was on a purely spiritual basis.

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